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Benefits, Risks, and Alternatives to Induction of Labor:
What Does the Evidence Say?

This program takes the viewer through the process of informed decision making related to induction of labor. A partnership with care providers, based on dialogue grounded in evidence-based care, is encouraged. The PDF file links below provide references for the information presented, as well as a selection of the best evidence-based, consumer-oriented resources available.

  1. References and Resources (PDF)
  2. Quick Facts about Induction of Labor (PDF)
  3. Listening to Mothers … about Induction of Labor (PDF)
  4. Evidence Basis for the Ten Steps of Mother-Friendly Care (PDF)
  5. Mother-Friendly Childbirth: Highlights of the Evidence (PDF)
  6. Care Practice #1. Let Labor Begin on Its Own (PDF)

Support Strategies for Families with Premature Infants

This webinar explores the needs of families who have a baby in the NICU. What is their single biggest challenge? What is the experience like? What are their logistical challenges? What types of in-hospital supports are available? What will their needs be once discharged? How can doulas and family members best support the family?

The program summarizes the results of a Focus Group, facilitated by Patty Brennan and held at the University of Michigan’s C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital in October 2011. Participants included two Parent Hosts, both former NICU parents themselves, now serving as support specialists for parents who have a baby on the unit; the Perinatal Outreach Coordinator nurse for the unit; and a Child Life Specialist who provides support specifically for children in the hospital (whether patients themselves or siblings). The NICU Parent Coordinator was also interviewed, but unable to participate in the Focus Group.

Preventing Prematurity: Perinatal Risk and the Doula’s Role

This program presents a discussion of the medical and lifestyle risk factors, causes, consequences, treatment options, and prevention strategies related to preterm birth. The signs and symptoms of premature labor are highlighted, along with the doula’s role in supporting moms at risk.