Welcome to the Doula Directory!

“I work with a social worker in the Maternal Infant Health Program, and we often refer clients to your doula services because we think it is so helpful to them before and during labor! Doulas provide such a wonderful support for moms.” — Emily Murray, Cherry Street Health Services

Find a Doula (for Expectant Parents & New Families)

Find free birth and postpartum doulas, as well as locate doula programs, home visitor programs, and similar support services in your area. To learn more about the difference between birth and postpartum doulas and the types of services provided, see A Consumer’s Guide to Doulas. All doulas offering services through this website are agreeing to provide free services to families who cannot otherwise afford to pay for services.* Doulas retain the right to refuse free services to families who appear able to hire a doula, but they may not use this website to solicit paying customers. To see whether or not you qualify for free services, see our Income Guidelines.

*Since many of our volunteers are themselves low income, volunteers may ask to be reimbursed for out-of-pocket expenses of providing services to you, such as mileage reimbursement at $.55 per mile and parking fees at the hospital.

Register as a Doula (for Birth & Postpartum Doulas)

Only doulas offering free services to families are invited to register. You must have completed formal doula training to list your services on this site. If you want to become a volunteer doula, but cannot afford training, doula training scholarships are available. Please read our Doula Pledge prior to joining the Directory. And finally, we will not include commercial website links in the Directory. We recommend that you upload a picture of yourself to accompany your online profile. Your picture should not include other people and, in particular, it should not include doula clients since we do not have their permission to use their images. A simple head shot of you is best. Registration should take less than 5 minutes of your time.

Register as a Nonprofit Agency or Program

Community-based organizations and public health programs offering in-home services to families during the childbearing year are invited to register. Registration should take approximately five minutes of your time. Increase access and visibility for your programs!