Become a Doula

What is involved with becoming a doula?

Most doula training and certification programs require some combination of the following steps:

  • fulfillment of training pre-requisites to ensure that class participants are well versed in the basics of childbirth education and breastfeeding
  • completion of professional doula training; see Center for the Childbearing Year’s website for more information)
  • completion of required reading
  • completion of hands-on experiential training (actually attending births as a doula and/or providing in-home services to families postpartum); documentation of same; and submission of positive evaluations from clients served

It is reasonable to think that one could complete all training and certification requirements within a two-year period. For highly-motivated folks, it might take considerably less time, while for others, it might take longer (depending on life circumstances).

Doula Training Scholarships

Michigan Doula Connection is committed to the principle that all families, regardless of ability to pay, will benefit from doula support. In an effort to make community-based doulas widely available throughout the state, we are sponsoring partial scholarships to make doula training more affordable for lower-income women. Learn more.

How to Do Outreach in Your Community

We have developed some outreach materials for you to use and some ideas to generate referrals to the website. Learn more.

Doula Forms

Birth Doula Services Form / Please fill out all three forms for each client served.

Postpartum Doula Services Form / Please fill out all three forms for each client served.

For Parents Who Have Received Doula Support Services

We would love to hear from the families being served too! Please encourage your clients to fill out this form.

I don’t know anyone who loves filling out forms! On the other hand, the ability to collect information on the outcomes of services provided to families enables us to continue to make a case to potential funders about the benefits of doulas. Please document the outcomes of services provided to folks who engage your doula services via this website. All information is strictly confidential and will be used to further establish the benefits of doulas, increase funding streams, continue the scholarship program, and ensure the sustainability of Michigan Doula Connection. Each form should take from 5–10 minutes to complete. Don’t forget to hit the “Submit” button after entering all your data. Once you complete a form, you should receive immediate confirmation that you have done so. Thanks for your help!